Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The best

She gets the late night phone calls and you get the date nights
She barely hears from him until you get in a fight
And the worst part is you know she's harmless
You don't need to wonder where his heart is
'Cause you've got him
And she never had him at all

She gets to hear him talk about how to stay with you
She gives him great advice, sacrifice and her love, too.
And the best part is he'll never know
She'd rather cry than let it show
Because so far
She just hasn't been what he wants

She hears the same old story, every single time
He doesn't realize who he's looking in the eye
And the worst part is he really trusts her
He doesn't see how he could love her
She's the best friend
(And) she'll never be anything more

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