Saturday, June 27, 2009


I have this soft spot in my heart for Bruce Springsteen. To be honest, I'm not one of those fans that knows every single song, or random trivia about him. But I love his music. And his style. He just seems....real.
I remember the day that I first found my mother's Born in the USA cassette and CD (she has both). Popped it in my stereo and...fell in love.
The drumbeats that make you want to start tapping along.
The heartfelt lyrics of typical life. Things that really happen.
The unadulterated American pride.

I still can almost always recognize one of "The Boss"'s songs on the radio, even if I haven't heard it before.

He just has such a distinguishable voice.

My heart sort of does this fluttery/excited/want to dance thing when Bruce comes on the radio. I can't help but smile, and start tapping on the steering wheel.

I love it.
My favorites:
Glory Days
Dancing in the Dark
Born to Run
Working on the Highway
My Hometown
and, of course,
Born in the USA

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