Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's my turn


He told it to me so sweetly
He said that he had fallen for me
I could see it in his eyes
Honesty won that night

....insert explanatory/transitional verse here...

{I won't say it never was
but I won't say it's meant to be
but right here, right now...
It's not for me}

He told it to me so sweetly
He said that he had to leave
He could see it in my eyes
His honesty made me cry


It's not finished. There is something more to the story.



  1. Firstly I always love your lyrics... you're just so incredibly talented at expressing emotion.. Secondly I definitely cheated in nominating our blog.. but.. oh well :)

  2. This is absolutely amazing... I have been on both ends of this conversation and it feels the same, such a mix of emotion. But you were able to express it beautifully. This is why I am nominating you as a Kreativ Blogger! Karma... it comes back around. Thanks and keep on writing because you are quite talented.